Experimental release of Memory Keeper

After many months of work I have made available Memory Keeper, a TiddlyWiki solution for researchers—-focused on genealogy researchers.

This has been my Covid project. In honour of my grandmother who kept a cardboard box of family history with “Memory Keeper” written on the side, I wanted a digital equivalent.

As my family research content grew in Memory Keeper so did Memory Keeper. Then I created a separate project file for my wife’s family history.

When I started I had no intention of making this solution public. I wanted something for myself. I attempted to keep it somewhat generic as I had thought of many other uses for it. Though the documentation is far from complete (big gaps of missing content) and is not proofread, I elected to put it out there anyway.

Memory Keeper (MK) is experimental at this point. There is currently no plugin for it. That can come later.

There are some wild ideas in MK. It includes a number of plugins written by others, which makes MK more useful. Thank you to all of those who wrote those plugins and to those in the various online groups who answered all my TwiddlyWiki questions.

You can review the help and download an empty MK at:


Issues can be logged in GitHub at:


As I update the help I’m creating a demo file making it easier to review MK’s capabilities and see how I take advantage of WikiText and HTML in MK.