Memory Keeper

Capture and cross-reference your research and conclusions with your research papers and e-books.

Memory Keeper, a TiddlyWiki solution, enables the user to capture sources and generate source citations, capture evidence from each source, and generate research assertions. Use the assertions to generate conclusions. In the end, you are presenting to the reader conclusions with sound assertions based on evidence from a collection of sources. Users skipping the historical method and drawing conclusions without capturing evidence and assertions are producing a weak narrative.

Memory Keeper does not force upon the user the historical method or the order in which any historical method could be applied. However, it does provide a “research score” to your conclusions. The score is simply a guide to show progress. When you are not generating assertions from source evidence a given conclusion research score will be low. The objective of the score is to prompt the user to provide more proof. It is in no way a score of the quality of your assertions. However, the score will take into account primary vs secondary sources and score higher for original sources vs narratives.

Memory Keeper enables the user to generate conclusions such as person entries, event entries, place entries, and enables the researcher to author books, articles, and research papers. The idea is to be able to view, review, and edit the material in a non-linear way. For example, when I view a person, I can view their immediate family members, see all events associated with that individual, where those events took place, and all the sources, evidence, and assertions to back up those conclusions. In addition, I can review a list of papers and chapters that individual is referenced in my writing.

Viewing a person record

Place entries are integrated with various map solutions that show the place on an interactive map.

Viewing a place record
Viewing list of cemeteries

Memory Keeper is configurable and can be used for various research projects. One project I have recently started I have called “Tribal Connections”.

Memory Keeper is ideal for various historical projects including genealogy. Get started here for free.