New release of The Memory Keeper – build 8

I recently made the latest build, build 8, of The Memory Keeper (MK) available for download. The Memory Keeper, a solution with TiddlyWiki, was started as a Covid lockdown project. The design is to manage research data. Being a genealogist my original goal was to implement this for my personal use only. Hence why you will find some unique types of data in MK. I have a Potawatomi heritage line, so I added the ability to identify tribes. Besides my interest in genealogy, I like to think I have photography skills (who has a better photo collection than a genealogist who has a collection of headshots and headstones). So, images can be associated with camera information and the photographer. I am a wanna-be writer. I have started two ebooks associated with my genealogy research. I can write these books in Memory Keeper. All individuals, events, and places defined in Memory Keeper can be cross-referenced with my writing. So I can find out what chapters John Smith is referenced in–just by pulling up John Smith’s record. I think non-fiction writers could use this too!

The product name was taken from a cardboard box my grandmother kept. She had this box filled with family documents and family photographs. On occasion, she would pull it out and tell great stories. On the flap of the box, she had written “The Memory Keeper”. Her idea lives on.

I began immediately populating my family history into The Memory Keeper before I even thought of having software builds for it. Some of the implementations were very redundant as I found myself copying and pasting too frequently. I then froze the project and build 1 was captured. I then began to rewrite parts of it, building it so it had more reusable components. By round 3 (build 3) I began to question whether I should share this for others to use.

I was not prepared to bundle this as a TiddlyWiki plugin. My thought was MK is highly integrated with its UI (TW theme) so how well a plugin would work is questionable.

What this meant was I needed a way to deploy a new empty HTML file, like TiddlyWiki is provided. In addition, I needed to provide a mechanism to upgrade it. And, just as important I would need documentation. Ouch!!

Build 8 is the third update I have shared. For build 8 I have reconstructed the layout of the documentation. However, you will still find gaps in the documentation. Please be patient.

The Memory Keeper is maturing. Build 8 comes with numerous bug fixes and some interesting enhancements: some usage improvements and new functionality.

Check it out at:

Examples are always useful, please review an example at: